Thursday, July 24, 2008

What I'm Up To

I have a love of Lia Sophia jewelry. I think it is very classy and for a good price. It seems expensive at first glance but guess what? Have a party and earn free jewelry. I am sure we have friends, co workers, and family who love jewelry. I earned $300 in jewelry credit and got about 10 different pieces. I unfortunately do not sell Lia Sophia, but I do endorse it. Visit them at The reason I am mentioning this is because my boss is getting me a piece of jewelry for my birthday. I am happy that I will be getting a present. I'm not a child anymore so I do not have parties, or receive multitudes of gifts. A little something from someone makes me feel a bit more special inside.
I also signed up for eHow, writing articles on how to tie a shoe from how to bake a cake. I did not know that you can monetize your articles if they are picked through engine searches. I am a bit new to the Internet world so there are many people who are doing this. I suggest it because many of us know HOW to do something, we can now write it down.
July is winding down and I will be at a month of blogging. I am excited because I can finally apply for Pay Per Post. I hear so many great things from so many people. Does anyone have any good stories to let me know how PPP pays, makes you feel, etc.? Well those are a few things that I am putting my hot little hands in.

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