Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Great Book

We all have heard of the man Dave Ramsey. I went to the library (a frugal way to read without spending money) and checked his book "Financial Peace". I am glad I did because my goal seems much more attainable. I learned how to set up a budget (I am still working on this). I try to clip every coupon I can and the ones that expire I send overseas because a deserving soldier and his/her family need coupons too. I am now scouring every single coupon website I can. Make sure you have ink in your printer because you will be printing like a mad person. Some personal websites I find valuable are and These websites offer cool insights on how you can find deals in your local grocery to score big on savings. I have played with it for 6 months and there is a great difference. I need to concentrate more on clipping since the state has taken away our food stamps. Back to Dave, he says to have your 4 walls of your house up. Utilities, food, home and transportation. How true is that? Without a home you would have no where to live. We all need food and water to survive. What's the point of living in your home when you can't turn on the lights and transportation... with gas prices on the rise that pink Schwinn bike is looking more and more better everyday. Pretty soon school will start again and my daughter will need a lot of new clothes because she is growing like a weed. I found a lovely consignment store that will take a look at her old clothes (provided that they are not stained) and will either trade you money or store credit for her old but salvageable clothes. This is great. Why have I been so blind for so long when I have been doing so much already. I really want to know where my money is?

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