Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Today is a New Day!

It is one month before I turn the big 30. Since that is on my mind, I have had time to reminise about my life and my downfalls. The main reason I started this blog is to give me a wake up call. I live in a great town, I have a great husband and 2 beautiful children who absolutely drive me bonkers, and I work at a medical office that I love. So... my life revalation hit me when I looked at the gas pumps today and looked into my wallet and found not one red cent. I took a glimpse at my children who were oblivious to my dismay (which is a good thing), and decided that today is the day that I start saving my money. Right now I live paycheck to paycheck. The state just sent me a letter this week that they were going to cancel my food stamps. I had a baby heart attack when I opened the mail. Then I realized that I am behind on my student loan payment($32,000 total) and my car payment (I won't reveal this number because I am really embarrassed about it). So all in all I have around $45,000 in straight debt. My credit sucks so we don't own a home. We rent one now and to my calculations 3 years of paying rent is $21,600. That is a lovely down payment for a great home in my area. Gosh, I have made some stupid mistakes and for my children's sake I am going to work hard and get myself out of this predicament. I will have to make some sacrifices and I'm giving myself a deadline. My son is 2 right now and I hope that when he is 5, we will be living a little bit more comfortably. I will give some insightful tips because I know that there are many like me out there and maybe together we can work together in saving ourselves from this pity.

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