Saturday, July 5, 2008

About Me

How I Got Into This Mess
I have finally realized that I need help. Along the way of this blog I will learn lessons, and make plans to "snowball debt". How it started:I attended many colleges in the past ten years. Medical school (had to drop out because of lack of family support)that left me with a heft $8,000 student loan to payback. I then joined the Marine Corps to help pay for school. While serving I attended a total of 3 more universities and never finished what I started (again I attained a total of $16,000 of debt in student loans). I finally went to a trade school where I received my medical assisting and phlebotomy license/certificate. I am still trying to pay that off. Then I got lazy and forgot all those statements being mailed to me because if I was still enrolled in school I could defer my payments. Well after my mother passed away I was in a brain fog and dismissed everything all together. I was in default on 2 of my loans and when I received a refund from the IRS, it was taken away. This year they took $5500 to pay on my defaulted loans. They wanted to take away my wages too but I finally wizened up. So now, I consolidated my loans into one hefty payment and I am learning my lesson. Debt does not go away and you have to pay for services rendered even though I didn't finish. That's stealing, and I am not a thief. So to all the student loan companies, "you will be getting your money, a bit at a time." Phew!

Not a Blogger But I'm Trying
I'm trying to find a blog template that I really like and works for what I want to say. I am having difficulty because I don't understand html and all the jargon that goes with it. Slowly I am learning so bear with me. I want to try new stuff, gain people's interests. Know anyone?

I Do Not Like to Procrastinate
The hubby told me today that he wants to get our storage stuff out tomorrow (forecast is rain). I was geared up for going today. I'd do it all myself but there's a stainless steel refrigerator and stove in there and I'm 5' 1" and 117 lbs. So really there is not point in me going by myself. I still have the yard sale scheduled for next Saturday. Wish me luck.

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