Tuesday, July 22, 2008


School is around the corner and I am freaking out. My daughter will be in the second grade this year and I have had the school supply list for 2 months. Smart me bought some of her school supplies here and there. Staples and Office Depot had a 1 cent sale on some of school supplies which I scored a great deal. Walmart was as usual fantastic because their school supplies are generally on the cheap side. I tried the Dollar stores in the area but they were more expensive (ha-ha $1.00) than Walmart. I have a few more items to purchase maybe $5.00 more to spend.

My problem now is trying to get her new Back to School clothes. My baby girl has grown so much she needs everything ( not new, I need to think frugal ). I plan to take her to a consignment shop, and the Goodwill. Luckily she's at the age where she is not ashamed of shopping at these places.

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Chryste said...

Wow..! 1 cent school supplies deal is really great.