Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Love My New Mother In Law

My hubby's parents are divorced and his dad married his high school sweetheart in February. I have a weird relationship with my hubby's mom who is not 50 yet, so she is still single and looking. My father in law's new wife has opened her arms to the 6 grandchildren she just inherited. She has been sweet and kind. I feel like she was the boys' mother all along. I was stressing on what I was going to do about back to school clothes for my daughter. My new mother in law had no idea, but do you know what she did? She bought all the girls in our family 3 pairs of shirts and shorts for school. Isn't she fabulous. I got a bit emotional at the gesture. Well my hubby's mom does not like being upstaged so she offered to buy my daughter a new outfit for school. I thought it was funny how jealous she got. I just think how gracious my new mother in law is. She has no ulterior motive, she's just good. I love her.

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