Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bummed Out, But it's Going to Be Okay

I was really bummed today when I opened my email and I couldn't join a club that I really wanted to with this blog, because I'm still a rookie. It's okay though, I'm just getting my feet wet and I'm learning. I have already decided that I want to do a lot of blogging because I have so much to say. I am an interesting person *grin*. I've lived a lot of life but I know there's more out there.

This Morning
I was reminiscing this morning about my family (cousins especially). I visited their blogs to catch up on their lives. My favorite cousin in the world has always been successful, full of grace and just plain wonderful. I felt a twinge of jealously because we lived parallel lives. We were born into a family that immigrated here from the Philippines. Her mother and my mother were both nurses. It was because of her mother that my parents ended up together. Anyways, my cousin's mother worked hard as did my mother, but she seemed to want more out of life. My mom was okay with what she had. Sometimes I think my cousin and I were swapped at birth. I think like my aunt and want more. My cousin is content with what she has. Moving on, our families both moved to California. She ended up moving into what seemed like suburbia at its best and I to L.A. (where the gangsters hang out I should say). My father eventually moved us to suburbia wanting more out of life and we had to go (we had no say so in the matter). My cousin lived the high life, big house, mom bought her a car, paid for college, and I scraped by holding a job at 14 and applying for a student loan on my own. I finally got sick of everything and decided to go into the military and make it on my own at 19. I have never been bitter towards my cousin, but I think that I would want to do the same thing my aunt did for her. She taught her that money doesn't grow on trees. If you want something you have to work hard to make it stick. My cousin is content because she is working hard and gains satisfaction in doing so. I hope to one day learn, and instill those values to my children. In actuality she did not grow up with a golden spoon in her mouth, she grew up smart.

This Afternoon
The day got better. I decided to take my daughter to a theme park today. We already had season passes and we haven't been able to have a mommy and me day in a long time. So we ventured off and had a blast. I of course got soaked. I forgot to bring our refillable cup for drinks (it costs $.99 with a season pass for refills). My little girl was good and didn't bother me about drinking anything. Thank God because I know it was hot, but to pay $12.99 for a cup of soda is unbelievable and unethical. The theme parks know where to stick it to you when it's flipping hot outside. After our day we stopped at the gas station where I bought her a drink that was $.50. We had a blast.

What I spent money on:

Superman and Supergirl Capes: $10.00
2 Big Lollipops : $3.13
Drink at gas station : $.50
Total :$13.83

We ate at home before going out so our tummy's were OK. If we did eat at the park I think we would have puked everything from all the rides we rode.

I'm going to pick up the Sunday paper and prepare for Tuesday to go grocery shopping. Work, work, work.

Update: I just learned that I need to blog for at least a month to get paid with PPP. I think I can hang in there. My hubby said what do I have to talk about, I have plenty to talk about. I want a Wii and now I have to save some money to get that. Maybe hubby will get it for me for my 30th birthday. It's wishful thinking. He can get me a Wii or a pink Schwinn bike that I really want too. I like "stuff". I think that's why I'm hurting financially because I like "stuff". I am on the last chapter of Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey. I am taking big time Baby Steps. I wonder how long it takes for a budget to actually work? Anyone have the answer?

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