Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Never Give Up! July 8, 2008

As the clouds gathered, the sky turned black and gray. That's how I feel right now. It's payday and I can say I feel that I worked like a dog for this paycheck. I take a lot of pride in my job and have that wonderful satisfaction. I wish I can say the same with my finances. I budgeted and I did it to the penny. I bought more groceries (went to Sav-a-lot, and did pretty well), I broke down and bought dinner at KFC because I didn't feel like cooking, and paid the landlord the rent. The majority of my check went to rent $600.00, then $37.00 at the grocery store, a whopping $25.01 at KFC. Remember that I contributed $5.00 for a birthday, well I get to do it again for another co-worker's birthday. $10.00 goes to the wedding gift (we're chipping in with everyone else to buy more stuff). I have to pay the electricity $150.00. I am left with $40.00 for the next 2 weeks. My hubby told me he has no money ( he and I have a bad habit of smoking which I pray I can quit, but if he doesn't have any he has conniption fits). I am a bit infuriated because there is no way I can live on $40.00 for 2 weeks. I see others not spending money for 7 days. I can do it for 13 because that's what I'm going to end up doing. $20.00 of that $40.00 has to go into my gas tank. I was told that I will get profit sharing in August. There's still hope. I'm not giving up. I can't now. If I had some help or additional funds heading my way I could really save for my future and that of my children. I dug in my purse again for change and took an old candy dish to put it all in there (I have to thank Chicky Finance for her idea on the Snowflake jar). I have $6.19 (not bad for searching my purse). I plan to use the change in the jar to do something fun for my family. I hope they appreciate it.
I have been fuming about bills and my payday. I about died when my son poured coffee grounds on the dryer, smashed the bread (FLAT) and sprayed starch all over the kitchen. I was in the bathroom. I was so angry because I imagined change flying all over the place with all the waste everywhere, money wasted on those items that can no longer be used. The stuff he damaged felt like a personal attack. I am thankful for what I have because countries are starving and wishing they had something remotely to what I do. So the anger subsided and I can move on.

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