Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I See the Light!

Earlier I mentioned that I wrote my first budget. Here are the numbers so far:

Car- $350.00/$352.10
Storage- $100.00/$100.00
Gasoline- $50.00/$50.00
Gas Bill- $65.00/
Food- $100.00/$100.52
Savings- $85.00/$85.00

I haven't paid my gas bill yet because I lost the bill. I have no idea where I misplaced it. I made a mess of the house searching for it. So far I was on target and I was able to put money away in savings. Below is a forcast of my next budget in 2 weeks. Funny thing is I get paid on my birthday, but no birthday celebration for me. Being 30 is really important to me. I am realizing that this is the start of my life and I need to get financially fit to have peace, and be happy for the sake of my family. I had plans of having a big 30th birthday bash, but why? What am I celebrating? 30 years of money mistakes? I have made many accomplishments and I am proud of what I have done. Okay enough of my sappiness here's the drumroll for next paycheck.

Rent- $600.00
Electricity- $100.00
Student Loan- $100.00
Gasoline- $50.00
Food- $50.00

I made my food budget a little lower because I have some time to talk to my hubby and have him go in with me on the food budget. If he doesn't he will have a wild, fiery, 5' 1" little missy to deal with. Wish me luck.

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Anonymous said...

Why are you paying $100 for storage? Sell the junk and use that money to pay off debt!