Sunday, July 27, 2008

No Checking Account

I wanted to share a little tidbit about myself tonight. I have no checking account or credit cards! Many people ask me how can I function without a debit card. It's pretty simple. I take my paycheck and have it cashed. 5-10 percent goes into my savings and then I begin my envelope system (again I'd like to thank Dave Ramsey for turning me to this system) I pay for cash for everything. I had a credit card once when I was 18 with a $250 limit and fortunately that is all paid for. Since then I have not had one. Even though I have no credit card (believe me I have filled out offers) I still do not qualify. I have no checking account because I was careless with it before. I am now on ChexSystems. I overdrafted one too many times before on my account that it caused several checks to bounce (not a great highlight in my life). I made a lot of mistakes and I have learned my lesson. The good thing about not having a checking account is that I am aware of the cash I have at hand. I am trying very hard to keep up with my budget. I see my forecast for my future and it looks promising. How many cards do you juggle, or are you debt-free. Why do banks charge so much when you bounce a check? Is there any forgiveness?

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Paula said...

Banks and other financial institutions are not overly forgiving if you miss payments etc. The charges associated with late credit card payments are ridiculous. I once missed a minimum payment of $5 dollars on my credit card and they charged me $20 dollars as late payment fine. How can they justify a four hundred percent fine on a minimum payment?