Monday, July 21, 2008


For several weeks I have made a plan to improve my financial situation. It seems that the money gods are working against me. My husband went out and went to one of those rental places and got a 32" flat screen TV. My heart broke because he told me that I wouldn't miss the money. In the end the payments total over $1000. I am sick of worry now. I get paid again tomorrow and I have made a budget but now my hubby is broke. He has no spending cash and probably no gas in his car. I am already behind on some bills and working on a food menu for the week. I do not llike careless spending and somehow it has happened. I looked in the Sunday paper last night and saw a TV that was similar to the one he got. It was priced at $269. If he just saved his money he could have paid cash for it. Now he's buying the TV 4 times over. How can I get him to be on the same financial thinking I am in? Does anyone know an answer? I try to communicate but sometimes I think he is not listening. I don't make a whole lot of money, and unexpected expenses screws my peace of mind. I made the comment that I will be broke the day I get paid and the hubby's comment was, "What's new"? What's new? I don't want to be broke HELLO! I have decided not to include my husband's income in my journey to financial peace. Is that wrong?

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Tracy said...

The man that turned it all around for my husband is Dave Ramsey. Not until after reading his book The Total Money Makeover has my husband ever been totally on board with our budget and financial plans. Now he is listening to Dave's radio show 5 nights a week, selling some of the things he doesn't need or use to generate cash, and working hard at helping me with the budget and cash envelopes. I am amazed! Maybe you could try to get your husband to read Dave Ramsey's book or listen to the show?