Sunday, July 27, 2008

What Did I Do?

Well, I belong to a survey panel through Inbox Dollars which I really like. I get paid to do surveys, read emails and play games. I decided I would branch out and do other survey panels, panels that were legit. So during my search I stumbled through Valued Opinions, and Zoom Panel. I thought I was limited and that would be it. I opened my email after I signed up for these 2 panels and found 16 emails of various survey panels. Now I am confused who I signed up with and are these affiliates with the other panels. Has anyone been this confused? I know that I am trying to make some extra money in my spare time but I know that there are some surveys that I don't fit. So, how do you choose? Yikes. I am still sifting through my email and I think I will unsubscribe many of these but I will let you all know. Inbox Dollars has been great and I know I will stick with them because my brain can handle simplicity. If you want to try them I recommend it.

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