Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Looking for Hope

My hubby, the poor thing, has had back pain for quite some time. He finally made it to his Chiropractor appointment and they told him he had 2 bulging discs and he needs an MRI. Although we have fabulous insurance he told me that he will owe $100 some odd dollars for all this. I feel really sick to my stomach because he may also have to quit his job. He sorts and loads packages for UPS, its been a great strain on his back. So, my hopes for financial security are looking very dismal right now. My hubby called during the middle of a work day and dropped this bomb. I had to step out and cry in the restroom. To make matters worse I am behind on my car payment and I received a letter today that I have 5 days to pay or they will take my car away. I already had one car repossessed 3 years ago and this car was supposed to boost my credit scores. I posted awhile ago about getting the walls of my financial freedom better but it seems like they are about to fall down one by one. I really don't know how to get out of this. I have no one to watch my children if I get a part-time job unless I pay them and a part-time job would mean losing time with them as well. Then the point of working a part-time job would be to pay a babysitter so I am really, really searching for some hope. I am looking at Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover book for some guidance. I have also said many prayers, I know this is part of God's plan. I wish I had family to help me but I don't. Anyone have any suggestions? I am really down now.

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