Saturday, July 5, 2008

I Like Sharing

This blog is making me want to share a lot, hopefully I don't divulge too much... I like to buy things like any woman in their right mind does. My brain is working overtime since I'm trying to save. Today, I thought I was going to spend money but I didn't. I went an had an eye exam to get my contacts renewed. I needed to get this done because glasses are not my thing. Sure they're cute and functional and give me the gift of sight, but they are a drag. One day I took a nap with them on and my 2 year old decided he was going to dive off the arm of the couch and use my face as a landing path. To make things worse my cute classes smashed against my face making them nonfunctional.

I like the fact that I have good insurance. We do not pay for insurance because my husband's job has great benefits. Luckily my office visit cost nothing (score) and they were willing to pay $100 toward my contacts (big score). So right now I am grinning ear to ear because not a penny came out of my wallet. Look at your insurance closely. Make sure it will cover the necessities plus the things you think you wouldn't need. The hubby does not wear glasses, but he's going to get an eye exam soon. Working in the medical field too helps to know that there are deductibles to be made with every insurance out there. I dread that. I remember I had to ask a patient to pay $500 to pay towards their deductible. I wanted to cry. I'm so sensitive about giving money like that away. The patient whipped out their credit card like it was no big thing. I was in shock, but hey, if they want to give their money away who am I to argue. Credit cards make me cringe. I don't have one because I would be in big trouble. Purchases like that are so large I wonder if a person pays the minimum amount or their whole credit bill in full? Something to ponder. What do you all do with credit balances? I would like to know when I do get a credit card (IF I get a credit card).

The hubby gave me some good news. He was offered a supervisor's job! I am so proud, that means he will be bringing in more money. I am so excited. Things are looking up.

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