Thursday, July 3, 2008

July Goals

Catch Up

Now that I have the right mind set in place, I have settled on playing catch up because I am behind on a few bills. I hope to pay off the deposit left on my electricity (they shut it off for a few hours and now are requiring $220.00 as a security deposit. Who knows if I will ever see that money again. Plus I am on budget billing so I should now have a set amount to pay each month).

Pay some on my student loan (minimum is $182.00, now please tell me this is not too much. I re consolidated so hopefully this will help my credit score.

Now I paid off one of my storage units (I have two of them). I plan on taking the stuff out, getting rid of a bill, and selling what I can out of it. I can't believe I threw away so much money in that money sucker.

Did Anyone Say Raise

Ooh I love July sometimes. It means that I am up for an annual raise. I wonder how much I will get? I always sell myself short but inside I know that I am worth more than a 4% raise. I am hoping for an 8%. So I will let you know how it goes. I plan on saving my raise and pretending that it never happened.

Set My Kids Up

I need to open my kids a savings account. I think my 7 year old will be very excited about this one. She gets an allowance, if and only if she does her chores. I am trying to teach her the value of a dollar. It will be fun to go to the bank with her and have her deposit her money into a savings account.

These are some short term things. I am still positive and motivated to get out of this debt.

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