Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Not Bad, Not Good Yet

Networthiq has helped me check what my net worth is. I was kind of disappointed because I really am not all there. I did get some help from kinless on Networthiq. He told me that my car should be valued at something not just $0. So I looked up on Kelly Blue Book to see how much it costs and it's $11,190. I updated my badge which was -$48,220 before and now it is -$36,921. That's a difference of $11,299.00. That makes me feel a little better, but not by a whole lot.
My plan is to figure out another way to generate money in my spare time which is not a whole lot of time. I like to type and I am signed up to start medical transcription courses online. I plan to use this education to get a second job in medical transcription from home. I value my time with my children so I need to be home with them because I cannot afford a babysitter to get a second job part-time, so I feel stuck. FYI I have no immediate family where I live. My husband has plenty but they also have children and lives of their own. So who do you call for help? Does anyone live like this? I'm sure there are single mothers who can't afford to lose their time with their children. I do not have the luxury of dropping my kids off at Grandma's because my mother is gone. I miss her. *sigh*.

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