Monday, July 28, 2008

Decluttering (is that a word)?

Have you ever noticed that when your home is a mess and cluttered your life seems to be affected. I am talking chaos. I finally found my gas bill while trying to declutter the house. It's amazing at the junk I sifted through. for the past hour and a half I was able to take out four bags of plain old trash. My kids like to break things from plastic hangers to rolls of toilet paper. You would think I had a little puppy but I have two lil rugrats. Anyhow, this sparked a glimmer in my eye and now it's a full blown project. My goal date is this Friday. I am going to clean out the closets one by one and put stuff out for my yard sale. I am so excited because I took the day off to get this done. I need to stop paying for storage and start decluttering my life. I cannot believe how much we accumulate and how much "stuff" we do not use. This is so disturbing, how can a person throw out four bags of trash in one day. It was full of misc. papers, coupons for places I never heard of and kids drawings. I love my kids but how many mommy and me drawings can you keep. I am sentimental but there was way too much. I feel a sense of liberation from my efforts.

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