Friday, July 4, 2008

Learning More Day After Day

Happy 4th of July everyone. Let freedom ring.

Just want to let everyone know that today I have not spent any money. Granted that I have none to spend, my hubby did. In light of the holiday the hubby went with his brother to get the goodies for our light spectacular tonight early this morning. To my dismay and uncomfortable issue on SAVING money he told me that it cost him $75. Excuse me. I think I just had a baby-barf episode. I just thought in my head quickly how much groceries we would've bought with that money and what amount we COULD HAVE put towards the cable bill. Money wasted, money being burned tonight as I look up at the sky *sigh*!!!

I've been floating in Internet space reading blogs from those who are in my type of situation. I'm happy to know that I am not alone. Various blogs I have added to my Blog Roll because they are so insightful. I'm thinking of asking permission to use some of their ideas on this blog because they really are helpful.

I have learned that you can earn some type of monetary notes for advertising, although that is not my idea of this blog but earning something while spending time on here sure is very helpful. I'm still working on a budget and I'm awaiting my next paycheck to see what I can put away and what majority of it will be spent. I am trying to hold true to my title of my blog "Living Paycheck to Paycheck No More." I understand that it will take some time for it to happen but I am very, very hopeful.

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