Monday, July 14, 2008


This weekend was a blast! I spent it mostly with family which was fun and EXPENSIVE! Saturday I tried really hard to get stuff out of the storage unit and yet I came out losing again. The heat was getting to me and I only managed to get 2 sea bags, a duffel bag, 2 boxes, a garment bag and a huge plastic bag. Each and every storage container had mounds of clothes in them. Seriously who wore all these clothes. I was devastated when I didn't make a dent in the storage unit. There were still 18 boxes, 7 storage tubs, and gazillion plastic bags in it. Not to mention that I have another storage unit filled to the max with more stuff. It is literally draining my energy level. I have a couple of more days until I have to give them another payment. I WISH someone could help me get this stuff out. Agh!
So the afternoon was more exciting. The kids swam and we grilled out some good barbecue. The evening came and we decided we were going to play Texas Hold Em. I love this card game and have watched many people get rich by playing this game. The only downfall is that we play for money. The buy-in was $20.00 ($10 for me and $10 for the hubby). I was really hoping to win at least once. But of course I should know better and stay away from gambling. My sister-in-law won a whopping $60.00. It hurt not to win. I haven't won once so why would I have won now. So there went $20.00 down the drain.
Sunday was even more fun because we took the kids to the water park. Parking $6.00. Entry FREE (we have season passes). Food $25.00. My father sent me $200.00 for my birthday and I blew it on gas $50.00 and a few groceries that we needed. So my free money that was supposed to be used to celebrate my birthday was spent right before my eyes. I am so depressed. I was supposed to learn my lesson, I learned it alright.
I checked out the Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey from the library. I am hooked again on the right path of working towards paying debt down. I just hate when the weekends come. We love to have fun but I do not know how to make it cheaper. Yes, I know there are free things to do to have fun but where, how, when? What do you all do to have fun with the family? Where are the cheap deals?

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Shevy said...

I came by as a result of your comment on Trent's blog today and, wow, you're dealing with a lot.

As for storage, I've had a *lot* of stuff in storage for a long time. When we moved in with my Eldest Daughter earlier this year I finally got rid of all the storage, splitting it between the 3rd bedroom here and our rural place.

I'm not really saving any money, but I'm paying the money to my own family to enable them to buy a suitable house in a city with very expensive housing. Plus, I actually have access to it all, which I didn't when it was in storage. So, if I need something I can look for it rather than having to go out and rebuy the item. (I can't tell you how many multiples I have of certain kitchen utensils.)

And I'm going through the boxes one at a time, getting rid of the junk and actually doing something with the stuff that means something to me.

You're always welcome to come check out my blog, if you haven't already. I've done some things wrong, I've done some things right and I'd be very happy if my hubby were more a part of the process. But I'll get where I'm going one step at a time.