Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You Gotta Give In, Just A Little

I made another grocery trip today. I was all psyched to use my coupons on the sales. I'm new to all of this coupon extravaganza. I did my research on what I needed. I bought a whole lot of Kellogg's products because they were having a huge sale, plus last week the inserts in the Sunday paper were pretty impressive. The kids and I strolled aisle after aisle in pursuit of deals. They started acting up and I knew it was time to make an exit. The clerk was nice and we started talking about family, as I scrutinized each scan she made. My total was $117.95. I sighed and handed her my coupons. My eyes gleamed as I saw the price go down. I decided to also shove a Hannah Montana backpack in the cart for good measure. Since I purchased $10.00 worth of Kellogg's products they gave me $10.00 off the backpack. Plus it was on sale at 30%. I managed to get the backpack (original price $18.99) for $3.29. Yippee. My final total came down to $67.57. I saved $50.38 with all my coupons and in store sales. I thought this was an ok expenditure. I can't stand spending more than $50.00 in a grocery store. I have some stockpile and I know in order to build it up I need to spend a little to get there. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to spend money to get money.

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