Friday, August 8, 2008

Husband is getting on the Bandwagon

For a long time (almost three years) I have been the sole earner for our family of four. It has been a long time since I have been able to spend my money the way I want to. Things have been tight and also with prices increasing I had to shave our expenses tremendously. We had no room for fun money at all. Today, my husband told me he filled out his supervisor papers for part-time. That means he will be making double at his part time job. I was very pleased. It is only 5 hours a night so he decided to apply for another job. HE GOT HIRED! Unfortunately he will be working 14 hours a day (or shall I say night) we will finally get out of the debt hole we are in. I am so proud of my man for taking charge. Now I am trying to emphasize to him, that although we will gain money towards income we shouldn't be adding more debt. Since the news of the possibility of owning a home came about, the hubby is ready to kick this debt out of the way. I am very inspired about his motivation and now I will be able to share the expenses with somebody. He needs to follow the money rules and I am making him read Dave Ramsey's book. He is beginning to realize that we need to take some action and today is the day. Yippee!!!

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