Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm Glad I Know People

You meet a lot of people in this world. Some are the people you interact daily through work, school, plays, church, etc. I think it is important to network with others that have some of the same beliefs as you do. Well I know a lot of people through work. My job is not at all glamorous but it is rewarding. I touch many people's lives as they do mine. One patient came in desperately needing a treatment and in return she gave me free tickets to the state fair. I am so excited. I am going to save $30.00 for entry fees and parking. I am glad that this happened. I have also met people who have taught me things about the stock market. You know I will take many tips. I just need enough courage to take the risk. I also met my loan officer through work. She happens to be one of my patient's wife. So having these different types of relationships can increase some form of thinking and you gain so much information and maybe some free things along the way. Rest assured I do not take advantage of these people for their kindness and generosity. I turn them down on some of their gifts (I would rather have the praise) but somehow these kind hearted people sneak their way to give you a reward for all you do.

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