Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What a Weekend!

The reason I am barely writing about the weekend is because it ended officially this morning when I went back to work. I had a great weekend. Friends from Iowa came to visit and they are staying until tomorrow. So we had to take them to see everything. The only problem is that we only had $100 to spend. We ventured out first to do a cave tour. It was so much fun and very interesting. We watched how they made candles and soap too. We even mined for FOOL'S GOLD. The tour was expensive but I told my husband to flash his military I.D. and we got one ticket for free. The next day we had to cram 2 events. We took a trip to a bat museum and watched how they made baseball bats. We even received a free little bat at that (it rhymes). Unfortunately I was not around when the hubby was paying so he didn't flash his military I.D. After the tour we decided to get to the zoo before it closed. I was there when the hubby paid and we got another B1G1 free ticket in, plus I had a free coupon for a child's admission. We did pretty well. Our big downfall was gas and food. We crammed so much and I'm glad we did. I needed to see the sights too. Does anyone have any good mini vacation stories?

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