Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

It's my 30th birthday. No big deal, just another day. The office staff and I celebrated with cake (my favorite, yellow cake with chocolate frosting), and I got some cool gifts. I got a coupon organizer (they know me so well) 4 blouses, a pair of socks, wall hangings, the slide I wanted from Lia Sophia, and a $6.00 gift certificate to the nearby coffee house. They did good because they knew I needed some new clothes, I was saving for the slide, and I've stayed away from the coffee house for 3 months and brew my own coffee. I am very grateful. I have no other plans because my birthday falls on a Tuesday and there's not much to do since the hubby has to go to work and I have play rehearsals. I love my coworkers. They did a good job. Other than the mishap at Walgreens, I had a good birthday.


Tracy said...

Wow, that is a lot of gifts from co-workers! I don't think I have ever gotten more than one thing on any birthday party at work.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! I will be 30 next year..I am really excited actually that I will turning 30..

dadougalee said...

I just got a few beautiful Lia Sophia jewelry pieces from the Lia Sophia Jewelry Store. When I gave them to my wife she was so excited. It's amazing how a little jewelry can cheer a woman up, lol. There are a lot of great deals to be had over at that store. Just thought you all might be interested.