Friday, August 29, 2008

Hubby is Happy, but Tired

I have a lot of respect for my husband. We don't have a lot of time to spend together now that he is working so much. It has been two weeks and he's very exhausted working 14 hours a day and then coming home and sleeping to turn back around and go back to work. He knows that this sacrafice is temporary until we can find something permanent that makes as much money. All in all my husband is happy. For two years he didn't work and I griped about this situation the whole time. Although I miss him, it's giving back his sense of purpose to his life. I think it's great and it's starting to strengthen our marriage. Does anyone have any stories on dual working families? Has it strained your marriage or are you having a good relationship? Let me know.

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jskell911 said...

My hubby works 12 hr overnights on the weekends and I work from 7:30 to 5:00 M-F. That said, we do have a date night every Friday and we appreciate all the time we have together. Family dinners are sancrosect in our house! We do what we have to with work, family, and our marriage to make it all work.