Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I wanted to post something personal that has happened to me in the past 2 days. The doctor that I work for is VERY old, but he is still a great doctor. He is like my surrogate father since mine is across the other side of the country. Anyhow he's not feeling well. I told him that he can call me any time if he needed anything. He did, at 9:30 last night. To make a long story short he is not well I helped him and went back to check on him this morning. We had discussions on self worth and making money. He told me I was worth $100/hr. I had to laugh, but he was so serious. He even asked me if I received my raise, and of course I felt my ears get hot when I said no. He wondered why because he approved it in July. I stopped talking about it because I was getting upset and he didn't need to see that. I would do anything for this man. I adore him. He has taught me some good lessons in the four years I've been with him. He is part of my family. The bright mother in law does not get why my loyalty to him is so great. Sometimes I think she is jealous. It is because this man does not judge, he is very patient and treats you with dignity. I love Doc, and I pray that the Lord will heal him so he can get back to work and drive me crazy.

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Anonymous said...

He sounds like the kind of man anybody would be richer for knowing.