Sunday, August 24, 2008

Developing a Meal Menu

Sundays are my days to ctach up from the week. I do chores makes sure the kids have everything they need, and plan for the upcoming week. Right now I am trying to implement meal planning because we have a lot of running around to do for the week and buying a meal from the drive thru sounds soooo appealing. But, in order to save on money I decided that I HAD TO make our meals. I'm having a promblem getting started. I know I am going to look in the fridge and freezer and make sure I have everything I need first and try to work from there. Does anyone have any sample menus? I need quick meals that I can make in an hour. I have no time to prep because I get home at six and then by seven I have to run out the door with the kids in tote and take them to their activities. Ramen noodles is not cutting it every night, and Chef Boy Ardee is getting really old. So any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

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RTC said...

Lots of moms do well with the CrockPot. Here's a link to a neat website.
My family likes very simple meals. Our favorites are hamburgers (You can make the patties, freeze on week-ends), soft tacos--chicken or ground beef, chicken breasts,$5 pizza,spaghetti with meat sauce (made on week-ends). Add a salad and a vegetable. Not great nutrition, but better than fast food!