Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Responsibilities, Not Enough Reward

I was tacked on with more things to do at work. Like my life isn't filled with more. I got a little bit more upset and put my foot down and made it known. I don't get paid enough nor do I have the patience. I work very hard, and I know others do. I do more than what is expected, so I think that's why I get tacked on with so much. It can be a bit frustrating and I let my boss know. I told her it wasn't fair. She then countered with that I was a fabulous worker (of course that pads my ego), and I am well respected by my patients (again, I like that my patients like me too), and they know they can count on me (So why do I feel so overworked and under paid). I WANT MORE PERKS!!!

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