Monday, August 4, 2008


I have told you all that I am in the medical field. As I am exploring my options on secretly job searching I am also researching going back to school. I know Dave would disapprove me getting another loan that will add to my debt, but hear me out. I have been researching becoming a Medical Transcriptionist. Some have done it from home and that's what I would like to some day finally accomplish. Right now, I am looking for a school that won't take me that long to finish and that is online (I want to save on gas). Since I am on the computer so much I thought maybe I could do something substantial. You may not know this about me but I like to try things. I like to get my hands on good offers, good deals, and adding more to my accomplishments. During my whole research I learned that my GI Bill will help me pay for the school I have chosen, up to $1100 a month, so therefore, I do not need a student loan. SCORE! This is very exciting because I am taking advantage of my benefits and it's like going to school for free. The only thing I have to give up is my time. There isn't much time to sit on my fanny and wait. I am going to take advantage of this opportunity and hopefully hold another job for my efforts. I am really excited. Any medical transcriptionists out there? How did you go about getting a job at home?

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