Monday, August 18, 2008

Yeah Walgreens

Usually, I gripe about how Walgreens makes me upset. Today I really got a good deal. They were having a sale on their Lipton Tea bags $1.99/box. My family is a bunch of tea drinkers and I decided that I would stock up and I did. I had 3 $.50 off coupons so I took it directly to Walgreens. I also looked into my purse and found a $5.00 Register Rewards tucked away. So my total OOP was $1.50 for four boxes of 100 tea bags. I am so excited. I hope my hubby and kids will be happy too because they are the ones who drink all that tea. Yeah!

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Bro Dean said...

I work at walgreens, and our everyday grocery price is not very good, but when there is a sale, its usually worth the trip. Our milk (in our area) is usually 40-50 cents cheaper than wally world.

Also, next week (Oct 5-11) our pringles will be on sale, 10 for $10 with a $3 register reward, so thats like 10 for $7... not bad