Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So Long

It has been so long since I have been on my blog because of all the ups and downs that life has thrown at me. I read that the last time I wrote on here was when we had a large windstorm. Now we are going through a major snow/icestorm. It's funny to see life come full circle again and again. I have been involved in many activities and haven't been very vigil about my budget but I have started again the 1st of the year since my electric bill was a whopping $300.00. It was a big slap in the face and I was so disgraced by the whole thing I had to start keeping myself accountable again. Luckily my husband has finally jumped on board to help me out. My job is stable in this crazy economy but not as fulfilling as it once was. My children are getting older and with that they have more needs (expenses). So now I am back on track and still saving for a house which has not left my mind yet. I started buying the Sunday paper again and sifting through deals. I'm going back to school and taking advantage of the time to myself. So much has happened and I'm glad they did.

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