Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Finally I Got It!

Since July I have been in total turmoil due to not getting my annual raise. It took some time and finally it came today. It wasn't what I expected but it was more than $.50 an hour. Am I complaining? Just a little bit. I also received my annual review and one of them was to get along with the dreaded coworker who drives me up the friggin wall. First of all I TOLERATE this girl even though she has more baggage than anyone checking into the Hilton. I don't condemn her nor do I tell her she's a *&%$#. I know how to seperate my personal feelings and my professional atmosphere, so having said that I thought it was very unfair that my boss knows me in a personal light and had the nerve to put that in my review. That is my personal opinion of the person and it shouldn't have been used against me.
Well I'm over it, I am okay with the raise and I plan to do with it as I said, put the extra money towards savings and paying off debt. I am still in the mindset and will keep pushing. I'm just glad that this doesn't have to loom over my head anymore.

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